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Documentaries Trips

It’s beautiful, it’s Pakistan

Travel documentary is a kind of documentary and usually tell us stories about travelling destinations. There will be a leading number in the documentary. This number of documentary will lead the audience to introduce the local cultural Tourism, landscape, Traditional food, norms and religious history. With the help of these documentaries, people can understand that the worth of places and people. So that’s why travel documentaries can also be defined as human geography documentaries. It can enhance the audience to better understanding.

Pakistan, the land of pure, has a luxuriously historical land with some of the exciting traditional history of thousands year old cultural norms, cultural tourism, Ghandhara heritage, Buddhist remains and British era of Khyber Pass.

The Pathfinderz also provide the services for document films & Research. We provide all kind of services Technical equipment, Transport, commendation arrangements, professional Guide and experts.

Historical Chitral

Situated on the main crossroad to Central Asia, Chitral has a long and fascinating history. In fact, it is this strategic location that compelled invaders to capture it before any other area in the region. The historic history of Chitral begins with the Tibetans Invading Yasin in early 8th century AD, followed by the Chinese 1750 AD and the Buddhists in 900 AD. Later the Kalash also ruled Chitral for decades.

Kalash History

The Kalash are an ancient pagan tribe living in three valleys of Chitral namely Bamburate, Birir and Rambur. The Kalash religion is based on myths and superstitions that relate to the relationship between the human soul and the universe. This according to Kalash mythology needs its manifestation in music and dance, which also contribute to the pleasure of god and goddesses. The Kalash celebrate four festivals commemorating seasonal change and significant in agro-pastoral life by offering sacrifices on altars, cooking traditional meals and dancing to traditional music during the week-long events.

Kalash Festivals: Chilam Joshi – Utchal – Phoo – Chaumos or Chitirmas


Pakistan, the crucible of many cultures and civilizations from the Stone Age Sites to the British era has historical remains scattered all over the country. However, the most popular are the Indus valley and the Gandhara civilizations. Almost all the major museums in the world have pieces of Gandharan art exhibited in their galleries.