Getting to Know the Hidden Beauty of Pakistan, the Land of the Pure
On-Road and Off-Road Adventures

We, the PathFinderz, invite you on a journey of discovery. Experience the mesmerizing and striking valleys of our beloved motherland.

Join us for an unforgettable on-road and off-road adventure to more than 20 destinations across northern Pakistan.

We will take you on an amazing venture with comfort, safety, and top quality service. Families, friends, individuals, the PathFinderz adventure is for everyone. Get in touch with us today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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Corporate Trips

It’s Beautiful, Its Pakistan.

The Pathfinderz offers Corporate and Company tours to different organizations, companies and Government departments. These organizations could be banks, telecommunications companies, national / multinational organizations, Government departments and /or any other for profit or not for profit companies etc. The plan and offers of the tours would be based on the requirements and demand from the client. These tours could be customized as per requirement of our Respected Customers.

Let’s Explore…

The Pathfinderz always welcome you to get a chance to see beautiful Pakistan by arranging their different events for their employees, Group of customers, Dealers / Distributors, as well as to make vacations/annual leaves tour plan for company employees by us.

Our services will be tremendously high quality, comfortable, and customize according to the customer’s desires.

  • There are many options which organizations or companies may Plan to keep relationships, vigorous and unforgettable moments.
  • Monthly or quarterly meetings.
  • Annual meeting and sale conference.
  • Training and coaching sessions for employees.
  • Dealers/distributors tour plan on their short-term and long-term targets achievements.

  • Best performers of the year, trip can be awarded.
  • All grade of employee Executives, Managers, Regional Managers, GM & CEO etc.

Choose your favorite destinations by visiting our website. The Pathfinderz will take you there.